Logo Upload Doesn't Work


To customize the appearance of the kiosk, the Catalog Kiosk provides an option for adding a store logo. Once added, the logo will appear on the top left corner of the kiosk screen:


If you are experiencing issues uploading a log through the Catalog App Manager, follow the steps below to resolve.

Please Note: For instructions on uploading a logo to the kiosk, visit the help article: Uploading a Store Logo to the Kiosk.

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"Logo Size Exceeds 300kb" Error

Step 1

The kiosk can support an image of 300kb or smaller. If attempting to upload an image that is too large, the following error will appear:




Step 2

Be sure image is one of the following formats:

  • .png
  • .jpeg



Step 3 


There are numerous websites online which offer file size reduction. Utilize a site to reduce the file size to 300 kb or less. Once the file size is under 300 kb, the Catalog App Manager will allow the logo to be uploaded.



Step 4

The kiosk will automatically sync with the server each evening, and after the sync, the changes made will be reflected. If a user wishes to have the changes appear immediately, visit the following help article for steps on running a manual update on the kiosk.




Browse Button Missing When Uploading a Logo

Step 1

If the "Browse" icon is missing when uploading a logo (see image below), please use the Google Chrome web browser:





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