Importing Custom Prices


Existing price lists from POS systems or websites can be brought into Wondersign Catalog Kiosk to ensure your prices match across multiple platforms. Follow the steps below for instructions on how to import custom prices.

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Importing Custom Prices 

Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) login to




Step 2

Navigate to the Products & Pricing tab:




Step 3

Click on the "Import Prices" button on the bottom left corner of the page:




Step 4

A window will appear to search for the .xls or .csv file. Click "Browse" to locate the file on the computer. Once the file is selected, click "Upload".

Before uploading the file follow this link for information regarding how the .xls or .csv file should be formatted.




Step 5

The import tool will pull information from the columns in the order they were filled out in the .xls or .csv file. Choose which column the information should be copied to:




Step 6

After choosing the appropriate fields to copy the information to, check the box to confirm you understand the outcome, then click "Import".




Step 7

The Catalog App Manager will then import the desired SKU's and prices:


Once the upload is complete, the kiosk(s) will update with the new prices overnight. The changes can also be loaded immediately by performing a manual update on the kiosk. For instructions with this process, visit the help article: Manually Update Kiosk to Reflect Catalog App Manager Changes.




Layout For .xls or .csv Upload File 

Step 1

In the file, the data that will be imported must be laid out in single columns as shown below. Please take special note of the headers used in each column. This is important to ensure the desired prices are imported to correct pricing categories:


The use of proper headings will ensure the appropriate data is imported to the correct price category:




Step 2

When entering information into the spreadsheet, please note the following formatting restrictions:

  • The only special characters allowed in the spreadsheet are as follows:
    • The SKU column will allow a dash ( - ) or forward slash ( / )
    • Any price column will allow a period ( . )
    • Do not use a comma ( , ) to separate prices in the thousands.



Step 3

Users can choose to import the following items into the Catalog App Manager:

  • SKU
  • Retail
  • List
  • Weekly - Rate
  • Weekly - Terms
  • Weekly - Term Type




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