Enabling or Disabling Prices on the Kiosk


Users are given control over the decision to display pricing on the kiosk; since displaying prices is an optional feature, follow the below instructions to enable or disable pricing on the kiosk.

CAUTION: Before displaying prices on the catalog, enter a multiplier for retail prices. Otherwise the kiosk will be displaying wholesale prices. For instructions on how to do so, visit the following help articles: Using the Multiplier and/or Setting & Editing Custom Prices



Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) login to http://ashley.catalogkiosk.com




Step 2

Navigate to the Devices tab:




Step 3

To enable or disable pricing on the device, check the box next to the device name in the "Display Pricing" window as indicated below:


Please Note: For instructions on how to edit which products are displayed on the kiosk, visit the following help article: Managing Products to Display. Also note, if there is more than one device activated, pricing can be toggled on or off by checking the corresponding check box for each device.




Step 4

To have all changes load onto the selected device, perform a manual update on the kiosk. For instructions with this process, visit the help article: Manually Update Kiosk to Reflect Catalog App Manager Changes

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