Enabling & Disabling Ashley Express Items


The Ashley Express delivery program provides a rapid factory to consumer shipping program. Stores that utilize this feature want to display Express-shippable items on the kiosks with a special designation. To sign up for Ashley Express, please contact your Marketing Specialist. Follow the instructions below for enabling or disabling Ashley Express Items:

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Enabling & Disabling Ashley Express Items

Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) login to http://ashley.catalogkiosk.com




Step 2

Upon successful login, the Accounts page will be displayed:




Step 3

Navigate to the "Ashley Express Items" section, which is displayed in the center of the Accounts page, then click on the button to flip from "No" to "Yes", or vice versa:




Step 4

The kiosk will automatically sync with the server each evening, and after the sync, the changes made will be reflected. To have the changes appear immediately, visit the following help article for steps on running a manual update on the kiosk.




Viewing Ashley Express Items on the Kiosk 

Search Window




Product Overview




Product Detail


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