Adding & Managing Email Addresses


When customers are browsing items on the kiosk, they may choose to email information about specific products to a family member or friend; if that person responds to that e-mail, the Catalog Kiosk provides the store insight into what the reply message stated so the order can be processed.

The kiosk also provides the ability for customers who are shopping with the kiosk to send the basket of items they're interested in to a store email address. This e-mail will contain all relevant product SKU's and simplifies the processing of the order for the customer.

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Follow the below instructions to adding and managing email addresses on the kiosk


Adding & Managing Email Addresses

Step 1 

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) login to 




Step 2

Upon successful login, the Accounts page will be displayed:




Step 3

Navigate to the "Configure Email" section on the right side of the Accounts page.


Definitions of each field are as follows. For more information on each section follow the appropriate links:

  • Store Name for Emails: This is the store name that is displayed in emails and text messages sent from the kiosk.
  • Reply Email Address: When users respond, emails are automatically sent to this address. Use a monitored store email address.
  • Basket Email Address: Enter the email recipient(s) for shopping basket emails that are being sent from the kiosks. Use a store email address your sales associates have access to during the day. You can use multiple email addresses, separated by comma.



Step 4

The kiosk will automatically sync with the server each evening, and after the sync, the changes made will be reflected. If a user wishes to have the changes appear immediately, visit the following help article for steps on running a manual update on the kiosk.




Store Name for E-Mails 

Stores can choose how the sender's name appears in e-mails customers send from the kiosk. The name that is entered in the "Store Name for Emails" section will appear in the inbox of the email recipient:


The email will appear in the recipients inbox from the name indicated:






Reply Email Address 

Customers can send product information via e-mail to other interested parties through the kiosk. If the recipient chooses to reply, the store can choose which email inbox to have the reply sent to:



Once the customer send an email through the kiosk, the recipient will receive the below message. (Please note the reply email address)



If the recipient replies to the email, the reply will appear in the email inbox indicated by the store.




Basket Email Address 

As customers browse the kiosk, items they are interested in purchasing can be sent to a basket, which can then be e-mailed to an email address of the store's choosing:



Emails sent to the store's inbox are displayed as follows. Please note all relevant SKU's are provided to ensure all associated parts are ordered:





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