Enabling & Managing Rental & Rent-To-Own Pricing


This document outlines the process for managing rental prices for retail locations who use rental and rent-to-own pricing.

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Enabling Rental & Rent-To-Own Pricing 

To enable rental prices in the Catalog App Manager, contact the Wondersign support team via email at support@wondersign.com, or via phone at 855-408-9966 (Opt 2) Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm



Creating a Rental Term

Step 1:

To manage rental pricing, open a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and login to http://ashley.catalogkiosk.com




Step 2:

Navigate to the Products & Pricing tab:




Step 3:

To create rental terms, begin by clicking either of the links indicated below





Step 4:

The "Add New Rental Term" window will appear. Begin by creating a title for the term:


Please Note: The title given to the term(s) will appear on the kiosk as follows:




Step 5:

Next, choose the amount of Turns for the term:


Please Note: Turns is the number of times a product is marked up from cost, and work identically to multipliers. For more information on multipliers, please see help article: Using the Multiplier.



Step 6:

Type in the amount of payments desired, and select the period of the payments from the dropdown.


Please Note: There are four terms available to choose from:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly (Payments that happen every other week)
  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly (Payments that happen twice a month on set days)



Step 7:

Adjust the Price Rounding feature, then click "Save"


Please Note: For more information on price rounding, please see help article: Using the Multiplier.



Step 8:

The rental term will now be available to edit on the "Products & Pricing" page:




Creating Additional Rental Terms

Step 1:

To add additional rental terms, click on the green plus box in the top right corner:




Step 2:

Once the "Add New Rental Term" window appears, repeat steps 7 thru 10. Once completed, multiple terms can be chosen through the "Term" dropdown:




Adjusting Appearance of Rental Prices

Step 1:

Once terms have been created, users can edit what pricing elements appear on the kiosk by checking or unchecking the "Rate" & "Total Cost" checkboxes:



Having "Rate" selected will display the dollar amount per term on the kiosk's product page:




Having "Total Cost" selected will display the entire cost to own the product over the life of the term. Some states require the total cost to be enabled by law:





Step 2:

Apply the desired changes to each term by choosing the desired term(s) from the dropdown:



Please Note: To set certain rates for particular products, follow steps in the following help article: Setting & Editing Custom Prices. To choose which products are displayed on the kiosk, follow steps in the following help article: Managing Products to Display



Editing an Existing Term

Step 1:

 To make changes to a term that has previously been created. Click on the blue icons that appear next to each term label under the Rental Terms section:


Pressing the blue icon will bring up the "Rental Term Config" menu.


Any changes that are made can be registered by clicking the appropriate "Save" or "Apply" button. When all changes are completed and saved, click the "X" icon to close the window out:




Step 2:

When completed, enable pricing by going to the "Devices" tab, and checking off the box for the desired device.


Please Note: For more information on enabling pricing, visit the help article: Enabling or Disabling Prices on the Kiosk. 



Step 3:

To have all changes load onto the selected device, perform a manual update on the kiosk. For instructions with this process, visit the help article: Manually Update Kiosk to Reflect Catalog App Manager Changes


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