Hiding & Displaying SKU's on the Kiosk & Email


Follow the instructions below to control how SKU's appear on the kiosk and in emails:

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Step 1

In a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) login to http://ashley.catalogkiosk.com




Step 2

Upon successful login, the Accounts page will be displayed:




Step 3

Navigate to the "SKU display configuration" section, which is displayed on the right side of the Accounts page:




Step 4

Three options are provided:

  • Hide: SKU's will not be displayed
  • Obfuscate: SKU's will be displayed backwards
  • Show: SKU's will be displayed



Step 5

The kiosk will automatically sync with the server each evening, and after the sync, the changes made will be reflected. If a user wishes to have the changes appear immediately, visit the following help article for steps on running a manual update on the kiosk.



Step 6

SKU display can also be changed through the Kiosk's logo menu. To access the logo menu, tap and hold on the store's logo, located at the top left corner of the screen, for 10+ seconds:




Step 7

When the logo menu appears, toggle the SKU display by pressing on the green switch:


Please Note: This process does not require a restart or an update of the kiosk. This change will take place immediately.



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