How Do I Use the Text Message and E-Mail Functions of the Kiosk?

The kiosk grants users the ability to send specific products of interest to their cell phone or personal email address. This process is outlined below:


Step 1

When viewing any product, tap on the function to send an email or text message:




Step 2

Once the appropriate selection is chosen, users will be required to enter their email address or phone number. In order to send the message, users must agree to the terms by tapping the appropriate icon. When completed, the user must hit "Send"




 Please Note: The words that are blurred out in the disclaimers reflect the name of your store.


Step 3

The user will receive a text message or email with an image of the product, along with a description of the product and specs:



Please Note: If you would like to control if SKU's are displayed in the email or text messages, instructions are in the following link: Managing SKU Display in E-Mails. Also, you can view email addresses and phone numbers, along with the products sent to each in the Catalog App Manager. Instructions for doing so are in the following link: Accessing Email & Test Message Reports

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